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My name is Jomina Joseph. I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula, Lactation Support Counselor, a Neo-natal resuscitation Specialist, and a Birth Assistant based in Brooklyn, NY. I started my journey into birth work last year in 2021, but I was always a birth worker at heart. I have always been the nurturing person willing to lend a hand in order to help someone in need. My official journey to birth work started after seeing a family member experience a traumatic hospital birth that led to a C-section. I decided to become a Doula with services to expectant mom in order to increase their chances of a vaginal birth. Hence the reason why, I practice from a spiritual, holistic & traditional method. I am a continuous learner always looking for innovative methods that will support moms in labor to have a soothing and calm experience.

Services Tailored to You!

The key to my services is that they are customized and uniquely tailored to you. My offerings will include pre-natal visits with pregnancy assessment for alternatives to increase vaginal birth. This assessment will also address the possible complications that may arise during pregnancy, and the holistic options to reverse or remedy those possible complications. Every single one of my services include a spiritual component to ensure that you are remaining centered and grounded with The Most High Creator and connected to your baby.


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